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Play Boom City
in Zambia


Play Boom City
in Zambia

Play Boom City
«Boom City» is a live entertainment game show by Pragmatic Play, offering a unique and colorful gaming experience. Unlike traditional game shows that use big wheels, Boom City uses a 6×6 grid with 36 squares, driven by the outcomes of two physical dice, providing an innovative game mechanic.

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How to Play Boom City in Zambia

Placing Bets:
  • Players have a 10-second window to place bets on different sections of the game interface. You can bet on multiple sections at once by choosing a chip value and placing it on specific betting segments.
  • The game board refreshes with a new set of tiles for each game round after the betting period ends.
Gameplay Mechanics:
  • The game starts with a live host rolling the two dice – one gold and one blue. The vertical aspect of the chosen section is determined by the gold dice, while the horizontal aspect is set by the blue dice. The winning segment is where these two lines intersect on the grid.
  • The game board consists of different types of squares, including prize squares, bonus round squares, bust squares, and power-up squares. The type of square landed on determines the outcome – a multiplier, access to a bonus game, or the power-up feature.
Bonus Rounds:
  • Boom City includes three exciting bonus rounds: Dice Battle, Lucky Drop, and Boom or Bust. Each offers a chance for larger payouts and adds an interactive element to the game.
Power Ups:
  • The Power-Up feature is a highlight, potentially removing bust symbols from the grid and boosting sections with multipliers, creating opportunities for bigger wins.
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Why Play Boom City?

Unique Gaming Concept:
  • Boom City’s use of a grid and dice instead of a traditional wheel makes for a distinctive and engaging gaming experience.
Interactive and Fun:
  • The game is designed to be interactive, with live hosts and a dynamic game board, making it a fun and immersive experience.
Potential for High Rewards:
  • With various types of betting options and the chance to win significant multipliers, the game offers considerable winning potential.
Engaging Visuals and Design:
  • The game’s vibrant visuals and 80s neon aesthetic provide a visually appealing and entertaining setting.
Compatibility with Various Devices:
  • Available on both desktop and mobile platforms, Boom City ensures a seamless and accessible gaming experience for players.